Saturday, April 2, 2011

Question on Dale's Generosity

I was asked a question in my last post regarding Dale's generosity and asking me if he was rich/what he does for a living...and this post is also for a couple of other comments I got as well.
(I chose not to publicly post the comments to keep it anonymous) 

I've sort of already touched base on this topic in this post when I was asked a similar question.

First off, I do not know Dale's exact financial situation nor does he know mine.
I treat someone's financial situation like someone's religion/belief system - it's a very personal matter. I don't ask people what their financial situation is or what religion they belong to - it's up to them if they want to open up to me voluntarily to talk about it. And honestly, I do not want to know Dale's salary.

Second, there are different ways of being generous. Generosity has to do with the character of a person. It has little to do with someone's financial situation/job.

I know my blog can come across as very superficial. Sometimes when I look through some of my posts I feel that it's very much so - and I honestly don't like it. But what can I do? Not many people want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs to get to know me better (and there's only so much I can convey through writing) so I try to keep my posts short, simple, and interesting. I may come across as superficial that way, but I think if you met me in person you would not think so.

Anyways, through blogger it appears that Dale is just financially generous because I don't write much about more personal matters. But honestly, Dale is a generous person to all his friends and family - and not just financially. He's been really supportive and understanding in so many ways especially when I felt there was nobody else there for me....and he has always respected me. Always. He has told me to be who I am around him whether it's for the good or bad. I don't put on an act around him - not only does he not want that but I can't do it. We've absolutely had our ups and downs like any relationship. For a few months last year, we were not even in touch. But we all have things we can improve on in ourselves. Dale and I have helped each other that way and we've worked through the rough patches. I'm just really lucky and blessed to have someone like this in my life for many many reasons. And he tells me almost everyday that he considers himself the person that is lucky to have me in his life.

I also keep in touch with Evgueni. One example of his generosity is that he took the time and effort to come over to my place to fix up my shoe racks for me while I was away with Dale earlier this week. I honestly really appreciate that and I did tell him that.

And it's not just men in my life that have been generous (this is for the insinuating comments from "Anonymous" commenters). My girlfriend Jasmin who I use to spend a ton of time with is extremely generous - she always looked after me, listened to me, cooked for me, she's never hesitated to pick up the bill for friends...etc...

As for what Dale does for a living, I try to keep him anonymous as not everyone in my life wants their face and name posted on my blog. He works for a very large company in Canada. I'll keep it at that.

In the end this is my blog among many others blogs out there.
If you're reading this it's obviously for entertainment reasons so take it lightly.

Please take the time to find happiness if your life everyday. I seriously mean that. Learn to love yourself. It can be a lifelong challenge but if you don't try to love and respect yourself, true happiness in life will not come into place. Try to cut out negativity in your life and be positive.....sheesh, where am I going with this? LOL I guess I just wanted to give some positive advice to cap off this post

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