Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review & Swatches: Hard Candy Lipstick & Plexi Gloss, Rimmel Royal Jelly Gloss

The products I'll be reviewing in this post are:

Dale got these all for me when we went to Walmart

A lot of people don't know, but Hard Candy Cosmetics use to be sold at The Bay cosmetic counters years ago at a much higher retail price. I recall paying just over $30 after tax for one Hard Candy lipgloss as a teen :S  Times have changed for the better here as the lipsticks and glosses were around $6 CDN each I think

The swatches of the Hard Candy "Rush Hour" and Hard Candy "Fire Alarm" lipsticks are pretty true to the colour of the swatch

I'm wearing the Hard Candy "Rush Hour" lipstick 

And here I'm wearing the Hard Candy "Fire Alarm" lipstick

I love the pigmentation of both lipsticks. They apply smoothly. 
And I think the packaging is cute - especially with the ribbon at the bottom of the tube. 
The swivel base for the lipsticks is slightly a bit stiff (it's not as smooth of a turn as say, my Estee Lauder lipsticks or MAC lipsticks), but considering the affordable price, it works and hasn't gotten stuck 
I highly recommend the Hard Candy Painted Lady lipsticks if you find a shade that you like :)

Onto a review of the lip glosses 

I do not recommend the Hard Candy "I Want Candy" Plexi Gloss 
It's sticky, there is no pigmentation in the lip gloss (so it's like any other lip gloss), and worst off it tastes like Benylin to me. 
It's funny because Dale picked this gloss for me since it was the last Hard Candy Plexi Gloss on the stands - so we figured it must be great to be nearly sold out. Wrong. 

But at least I got one thing right! For the Rimmel Royal Glosses, I saw a few highly rated reviews on them (particularly that they are not sticky at all and taste yummy) and picked them up based on that.
I can honestly say they live up to the reviews and I highly recommend the Rimmel Royal Glosses if you're looking for a high shine lip gloss that tastes pleasantly sweet and is not sticky at all. For the two colours I got, although they look different in colour in the tube and in the swatch, they look like regular clear gloss once worn. 

What are you favourite lipsticks and/or glosses at the moment? ;)

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