Thursday, April 14, 2011

FOTD, Nails, Casual Outfit: A bit of red with a deal at Winners

I don't post a whole lot of "deals" that I manage to score at stores because Dale very much looks after me and spoils me with things. But I'll try to share with you any deals I can score!

In Canada we have a store called Winners and if you have time (and patience) to sift through racks and shelves, you can often find a great deal. 
Winners is sort of like Marshalls - which, I am happy to say, has arrived in Canada. 
Oh yeahhh! 

So look what I found at Winners the other week which I am happy about. 
I bought these using one of the gift certificates Dale got for me from Winners :) Such a sweetheart!

I loved the marked creasings and fades on these!

I love the black sequins on the back pockets of the jeans and there's even a bit of sequins on the front pockets too. They blend in really well since the jeans are a dark wash.

Yay! $16 for jeans?! I couldn't believe it LOL 
And I like how they look. Plus they are comfortable and the denim is soft. 
The brand of jeans is Almost Famous. I have not heard of this brand but these look better (and feel better) than a couple of my $180+ CDN pair of jeans. 

Have you heard of the brand Almost Famous Clothing?

So here's yesterday's FOTD, OOTD (with the new jeans) & Mani....a bit of red. 
Wore this casual outfit to meet clients

Red Checkered Shirt is from Forever21
Jeans are by Almost Famous
Heels are from Guess 

French manicured nails are by Revlon 
(the "medium length" nails are more conservative with Revlon - read, shorter) 

Soooo, I'm going to meet Dale today at the airport!! :) 
Gosh we are so last minute LOL We're still flying to New York tomorrow, however he might change our flight to stay one extra day in New York city...and during this weekend, we might make an overnight trip to Atlantic City New Jersey. I kind of like last minute changes - makes it more exciting!
 I'll take lots of pictures and share with you later :)

Have you scored any shopping deals recently??

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