Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review of Tommy Bahama Scented Candles

I haven't had any luck finding a nicely scented candle that I really liked...until Dale bought these
Tommy Bahama Classic Tin Filled Candles for us

Candles tend to smell nice when I sniff them...once I light them it's a different story. Either it's not fragrant at all once lighted or it smells a bit different. I find this to be the case with many cheaper candles so I avoided scented candles for years. Now that I've found scented candles I love, here's a review on them.

For the Tommy Bahama kiwi lime scented candle - it leaves a mild fragrance in the room. The scent is a bit sharp because of the lime. I think this is nice for variety since sometimes I'm in the mood for a certain scent, but this is not my favourite of the lot.

I prefer the Tommy Bahamas Pineapple Cilantro scented candle over the Kiwi lime candle. It has just enough tartness to the scent yet a bit of sweetness from the pineapple. It's a very unique nice scent and I would repurchase this one again

If you're a huge fan of The Body Shop Satsuma scent and you're searching for a candle having that scent, I think you'll love the Tommy Bahama Maui Mango scented candle. I find the two very similar and I do like it for variety, although it is not my favourite of the bunch

The sales lady did mention her favourite was the Tommy Bahama coconut mango scented candle  
I must say, this time I whole heartedly agree with the sales rep
It smells sooo nice and it's fragrant 

Dale first lighted this candle while we were at Deerhurst and whenever I smell this candle, it just reminds me of so many warm memories ;) But really, the vanilla in it helps with that
So I highly recommend the Tommy Bahama coconut mango scented candle if you like a cozy, warm, calming scent
It's definitely my favourite scented candle so far (and that's a first!)

Although the candles look a bit small they're good for 32 hours, which is quite decent
The quality of all the Tommy Bahama Scented Candles are great. None of them smell synthetic or cheap. 

As a note, be careful how you put out a tin candle since a lot of hot wax can accumulate in the tin
Do not blow out the candle because you can blow hot wax onto yourself or others
Use a candle snuffer or a clean metal spoon to put out the candle safely

Do you have a favourite scented candle? 
What other ways do you add fragrance to your room(s)? 
Or do you prefer no fragrance?

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