Friday, March 4, 2011

Moden Nail Art Designs pictues

  • Nail Art Designs 2011:-
  • Creative nail designs + nail polish ideas = color, elegance, fun, inspiration, glamour, and style.

Every woman is different, and just like each of us have our own personalities and styles, our preferences for nail designs are different, too. Whether you like a subtle, feminine design, or something bold and outrageous, these nail design galleries can help you with new ideas for your nails. You might also want inspiration for a special occasion, like prom, a wedding, a holiday, or a fun party look.

Nail art on one short French manicured nail. Many manicures with nail art are on long nails (more nail length gives you more canvas to paint on), and each nail has art affixed to or painted on it.While there are many perpetually popular designs, like flowers, skilled nail artists can also create unique and original designs, inspired from anything from your favorite season to nostalgic memorabilia items. Add-ons, like crystals and decals, can add even more splash and originality to your nail design. Simple nail art can also be done at home.

  • Nail Art contains following Designs:-
  • Seasonal nail art
  • Beach or vacation inspired nail designs
  • Floral nail art
  • Swirls, dots, and waves
  • Designs mimicking lace or fabric
  • Eye-catching designs like fire or animal prints
  • 3-D designs

Hopefully 2011 will be the year when black nails are toast. Enough of the Goth obsession already. It’s been dragging on for years. Its durability has been surprising because it’s neither very creative nor particularly feminine. Black is the perfect color for anyone who is extremely conservative and lacking in imagination; save it for Halloween. It’s even dead in the fashion industry.

The fashionable color in new clothes as seen on the catwalks is white; so perhaps this will signal a shift away fromblack to white nail color. Emily Maynard on The Bachelor recently wore it. Partially white or French, however, appeals to more women. This is pretty easy to do with classic French manicures; just replace the tip color with what’s in fashion. Or if you’re more daring, change the bed hue, too.

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