Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess, Bebe and Michael Kors

I just wanted to share with you a few things I got in the past month that I really love. 
These are all gifts from Dale ;)  I definitely count myself lucky.

The bracelet is really pretty! I tend to edge towards big statement jewelry and Dale chose this bracelet out for me - it's the Guess Rhinestone Heart Mesh Bracelet 
I would say the only downside to the bracelet is the small lobster clasp. It seriously takes me too long to get this clasp on if I have fake nails on LOL 
Even Dale with short nails had to take a couple of minutes to put it on for me

Here is what the wristlet wallet looks inside:

Dale chose this Guess wristlet wallet for me and I love it! I like how it zips all around, there's many card slots, another zippered slot inside as well as a coin zippered slot on the backside. Plus the wristlet part is detachable. 

Just a typical bandage skirt. Dale got this for me at a Guess outlet store - we both loved the turquoise colour

The next three items I personally chose out at Guess. I bought them using the gift certificate that Dale gave to me :) Thanksss so much Dale!

This is the Guess Misha Jacket
I really like how soft the faux leather is. It's a very flattering colour and cut. 
I also really like how there's two front pockets on each side - one that's zippered and one that's buttoned.
It looks great with a pair of jeans :)

This is the Guess Kayla Dress and omigosh I snatched this dress off the rack as soon as I spotted it LOL It was the last one in the store too!
I love the side slits on this dress - it's my 1st dress with side slits. It's sexy but not over the top

These are the Guess Daredevil Jeans 
I actually went into Guess looking for destroyed blue denim but the only destroyed denim they had were these. They don't look like much in the picture and when the sales associate handed these jeans to me saying they were super comfy, I thought, "mehhhh." But I tried them on and you know what? These are sooo comfortable! They're not jean material -it's twill. I wish they were skinny and not bootcut, but that is the only negative thing I have to say about these (which is a personal preference). If you like bootcut and don't mind it destroyed, I highly recommend this pair. 

This is probably the prettiest coat in my closet now :) 
Dale got this Bebe lace coat for me when we went to Buffalo together last month. I absolutely love it as I'm a sucker for lace.
It is a bit dressy and I wish I could wear it in the daytime, but I only wear it in the evenings (not to nightclubs though) 

The back of the coat is really nice too with the ribbon detailing
I should mention that there are no pockets on this coat though

And the bag I'm wearing two pictures above is this large black patent Michael Kors shoulder bag

OMG I loveee this shoulder bag! The black patent, the weaved handle, the size....
Dale actually really liked this bag too (I don't think he was too fond of the previous Michael Kors satchel he bought for me)
Michael Kors has some really stylish bags and I also love their style of watches

Let me know what you've been up to lately :) 

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